The 2021 Best Picture Nominees: The Trial of the Chicago 7

| April 24, 2021

When I saw The Trial of the Chicago 7 back in October, I was so ecstatic that I declared it one of my favorite films of the year.  Let me explain.

At that moment, the date was October 16th and the United States was in a crisis state.  COVID-19 vaccinations were still a floating question mark and we were just a few weeks away from what would turn out to be a nightmare clown circus of a Presidential election.  In that spirit, I was feeling a bit . . . revolutionary.  In that state of mind, I leaned into my passion for David v. Goliath stories and that, mixed with the advocate in my blood, was bound to see The Trial of the Chicago 7 as the fight-for-justice movie of the moment.

Then things calmed down and as 2020 (mercifully) ended, I found myself seeing the film in a clearer state of mind.  Personally, I still love it.  This story, about seven individuals on trial for various crimes involving clashes with police during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, has a lot of common threads with our times: revolution, police brutality, racial injustice.  I’m not as overwhelmed with the film as I was six months ago.  I think it spends way too much time on courtroom theatrics.  But I still think it’s a fine film.  Plus, I’m always a sucker for Aaron Sorkin’s writing.

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Jerry Roberts is a film critic and operator of two websites, Armchair Cinema and Armchair Oscars.
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