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Hurricane (1979)

| April 12, 1979

You know those documentaries that pop up on television all the time that recount the legend of one of the great treasures of Hollywood?  I would like to see the flipside of that, a documentary about a movie that failed miserable and then tried to explain how ridiculously talented people got involved in a genre piece that must have sounded like garbage from the very start.

If such a documentary were to exist then it might be able to explain why such talents as Mia Farrow, Max Von Sydow, Terence Howard, Timothy Bottoms, and James Keach were lured to this mess with a healthy paycheck and an all-expenses-paid trip to Bora Bora.  It might explain how producer Dine de Laurentis got Nino Rota, composer of all those Fellini pictures and won an Oscar for the score to The Godfather to write a score for this one.  Plus Sven Nykvist, cinematography of Fanny and Alexander and Cries and Whispers.

What are they doing attached to this insufferable disaster movie?  What you get is a great looking, great sounding movie about a frustrated princess who goes to Bora Bora and falls in love with one of the natives before the title washes ashore.  This movie drowns in itself.

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